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People Are Facing Problem In Using Bellsouth Email On Internet Explorer 11. Here are Some Solutions

Though this problem has not been faced by billions of people who are using it, but there are few who are having this problem with their Bellsouth mail. The Bellsouth mail powered by AT&T communications has gained popularity from last few years as it is rendering the best support to the users. During this time, the problem on internet explorer has come to the notice by some users.

Bellsouth mail works best on browsers and apps but when we talk of Internet Explorer 11 browsers, then it is creating serious issues on it. In spite of best efforts by the users of this mail, they are not able to get success and their hard work went in vain.

It has been researched out by some users that internet explorer 11 is not supported or can say configured with Bellsouth mail that is why this problem is occurring. They are searching the solution for the same but this issue is still not come into notice at Microsoft.  Even the company is saying that there is no problem reported by our team as of now so no solution required for any problem from their end. Some users have tried to contact the Bellsouth support team and they have given some suggestions to fix the problem. We are going to discuss right now. First, check the symptoms as mentioned here as under:

  • Is the problem limited to Bellsouth or to the other websites as well?
  • Is any error message on screen flashing?
  • Have you changed the settings recently?

To get the permanent solutions, you need to add the two sites to check the compatibility of both. If you find the problem is still not solved, then nothing to worry, go through the solutions given here as under for normal troubleshooting.

  1. Open login page and enter the first name of username. If you have entered the same earlier even, then you will get the suggestion list. Select from there and click to enter the password on the next field.
  2. Delete the data first, then bring the mouse pointer to the password field.
  3. Now go to the general tab and click on ‘Internet options’. Here, an option with name ‘Browsing history’ will be displayed. You need to click on it to delete the selected items. Don’t forget to take the backup of important files before clearing the history.
  4. If the problem is solved then its well-n-good, otherwise, you need to reset the account and the browser.

When you press the reset button, all the files available in the Bellsouth mail will auto-deleted. You need to install the add-on for the Bellsouth again in your browser. For resetting the browser, go to ‘Advanced’ menu from the browser settings.

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