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How To Setup Bellsouth Email On Nokia 8.1 Android Phone?

Do you want to configure Bellsouth email on new Nokia 8.1 Android phone? If yes, then continue with the steps mentioned on the page. The same steps can be applied even for one or more mail. Yes, if you have any difficulty understanding the functions, then you can contact email experts available 24×7. They will guide you in a much convenient manner.

Configuring email on any smartphone is not a tedious work, the only thing required is proper attention and thorough knowledge of each and every step. Today, we are going to walk you through the steps to configure Bellsouth email on Nokia 8.1 Android phone.

If you want to setup Bellsouth email on your phone, then continue reading this post. Try to participate in this post properly as leaving a single step may lead to the setup failure. Bellsouth Email Settings is renowned email service provided by its parent company ‘AT&T’ communications. Before starting with the process, the following things must be completed in all aspects.

  1. Valid email address and account.
  2. Email app must be there on your phone.

Apart from this, high-speed internet access on the device is also required. After this, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Launch email app on your smartphone and search for the name of the service provider.
  2. Check if the Bellsouth email is in the list or not. If not, enter the details carefully.
  3. Enter an email address and the subscription ID of your AT&T communications.
  4. Click ‘Next’.
  5. You will be asked to set up the account under ‘POP3 or IMAP’ settings. These settings can be selected on the basis of usage and the type of device on which you are going to configure the email.
  6. IMAP type is preferred for using the account on more than one device
  7. Enter the password to login to the account. If you have not used your account since long, then you may find some messages on screen. These can be averted by clicking on ‘Forgot password’. Reset your password and try connecting again to the Bellsouth servers.
  8. Enter the email address of your Bellsouth account along with with the incoming as well as outgoing server settings.
  9. If asked, enter ‘None’ in the security type. This will remain different for outgoing servers.
  10. Tap ‘Auto-login’ from the home screen of your device.
  11. Click ‘Edit’.
  12. Enter account name in the next field and check whether the name is getting displayed on the screen or not. The same name will be displayed on the receiver’s screen.
  13. Click on ‘Demo’ video to know about the hidden features and functions of your Bellsouth email account. All the know-how are covered in the video. You can watch a video about the particular menu by pressing on it. It limits the need of doing a google for any topic. If you want to change the colors or theme of inbox, you can check out the video online.

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