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How To Retrieve Bellsouth Email After It Is Being Hacked?

Do you have doubts that someone has hacked your Bellsouth email account? If yes, then you should follow the steps given in the post to prevent the inevitable or contact Bellsouth email support for a quick solution to the problem.

An email account contains all sorts of personal information of a person, so to see it hacked by someone would definitely make the person feel stupefied. This has what happened to many Bellsouth email users, as their email accounts were hacked and then, the hackers started sending emails to the contacts of the people whose email accounts were hacked.

If you too are using Bellsouth email and you have a doubt if someone else is using your email, then you will have to take some immediate steps or else, your personal information will be all over the internet. Or, your data could be used against you. Let’s find out what options do you have in terms of protecting your data and retrieving your email from the hacker.

First of all, if you have noticed that emails have been sent to your contacts, but you didn’t send those, then it could have happened due to either of these three things:

  1. Your email account is compromised.
  2. Someone has control of your computer.
  3. Your email address is spoofed.

If you are unable to determine as to what could be the reason behind your problem, then there is no need to get into the details. You can just follow the below-mentioned solutions in order to fix the problem.

  1. You need to start with changing the password for your email account. The password needs to be strong, but what’s a strong password is a question that could come in your mind. Well, a strong password is the one that is a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters. You should use a mix of small and capital letters, numerals and special characters. Also, refrain from using the date of birth, vehicle’s number and other easy to guess passwords.
  2. If you think that your computer has been compromised, then it is suggested to update your antivirus software and virus database. After updating it, you will have to perform a full scan of your computer and not a quick scan. You should also install a free version of Malware Bytes and scan your computer with it. There has been a trending software named ‘Google Trend HouseCall’, which is a free on-demand virus and spyware scanner software. You should also look for updates related to your operating system in case you are not using Windows 10, as updates are downloaded and installed automatically in Windows 10.
  3. If you have found that your Bellsouth email is spoofed, then you can’t do much about it. Actually, it all depends on how well the email provider’s servers have been set up and also how strict the recipients’ email servers are when it comes to verifying the origins.

This is how you can protect your Bellsouth email from being hacked. It all depends on how many safety measures you have taken for protecting your system and the programs that are installed in it. For more details on how to safeguard your Bellsouth email, contact Bellsouth Email Settings.

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