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How To Resolve ‘Unable To Connect To Server’ Error In Bellsouth Email?

Problems in an email account has never amused people, but have instilled a sense of frustration because their work gets to a standstill. If you are using Bellsouth email, which is not working and is giving ‘unable to connect to server’ error, then you can fix this problem by reading what follows below.

We all have one primary email that we access on a daily basis. We receive our business emails in that email account, and so, we configure the email account in our different devices, so as to immediately respond to the emails that we receive. But, problems like ‘unable to connect to server’ can disrupt the entire flow of work, and also result in losses. Recently, I have found many people facing ‘unable to connect to server’ error in Bellsouth email.

The server returned that aforementioned error, and the server address that was being used was ‘’. The port number entered was ‘993’ and the SSL encryption was also enabled. The first step to troubleshooting this problem is verifying whether the server supports SSL or not. Secondly, they will have to check all the account settings, whether those are correct or not.

This has been a very common issue for Bellsouth Email Settings users, and despite looking at various online support forums, they haven’t been able to fix this problem. Now, they don’t know if there is really a solution to this problem or not.

Let me assure those users that there is a solution to this ‘unable to connect to server’ error, and we are going to discuss it here below:

Bellsouth email users will have to remove their email accounts from the devices in which they have configured the same. Then, they have to add their Bellsouth Net Email Login account again. But, this time around, they have to select ‘IMAP’ as ‘account type’. When they select ‘IMAP’ instead of ‘POP’, then the problem will be resolved automatically.

People are not being able to send emails because of that error. They have found that both, ‘ and ‘ are connected to the server, but they still are getting the same error along with a message, i.e., ‘there is SSL error, and a secure connection to the server can’t be created’.

Bellsouth email users didn’t know that there are different email servers available, which they can use to operate email service. Now that they know about it, they need to find a list of those email servers and then, use the most appropriate one. They can also click ‘try later’ to leave the email in the outbox until they are able to send it.

Bellsouth email users need to follow this solution, as this will bring back the functioning of Bellsouth Email Login to its original state. If after trying the steps, they have not been able to fix the problem, then they can get in touch with Bellsouth email help and support providers, as they can fix this complicated problem.

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