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How To Get Rid Of Connection Blocked And Wrong Password Problem On Bellsouth Email Account?

There are some common problems like ‘Connection blocked’ or ‘Wrong email password’ which we can’t take it for granted. These are man-made errors and need an instant solution. To get rid of these problems, you can follow simple tricks mentioned on the page. If you find any problem in understanding any step, you can either read the steps again or contact email experts.

Connection Blocked problem is normal on Bellsouth email account. The exact cause of this problem is unknown but you can try some steps to fix it. We have brought some suggestions and tricks which you can apply to remove ‘Password and connection blocked’ problem on Bellsouth email account.

  1. Incorrect password: While entering the login password for your email account, if you have entered any wrong character or the password you are entering has been changed by other members of the family, then you will find ‘Incorrect password’ message on the screen. To get out of this issue, you must get the right password from your family member or reset it by simply entering some details. If you have saved any answers for security questions, then enter the same when asked. You will get the password reset link in the secondary email thereafter. If you don’t find any such email, then you can contact ISP.
  2. Connection blocked: This is again an appalling issue connected with Bellsouth email account. If you are facing the ‘Connection blocked’ issue, then you must diagnose it. This problem will lead to the breaking up of connection again and again. To fix this issue, Tap ‘Send and receive’ key again and again. This will restart the host server and do repeat the process again and again. Try sending mail after this. Check if the problem has been resolved or not. If not, try other troubleshooting steps mentioned on the page. Check your internet connection by connecting a smartphone to the network. If you are able to open the website on mobile, then it means the internet is working fine.
  3. Large file size: As you know, you have the option to attach different file types with an email. When you compose an email, you will get an option to attach any file type with a defined size limit. If you are attaching a file with a limit more than pre-defined, then you will find the problem in sending it. To get rid of this problem, you must compress the file to reduce its size to defined limit or break it into parts. You can send a maximum of 10MB of data with a single email. The compressed file will be downloaded in the computer from where you can extract using the ‘Extract’ option.

To compress the file, you need to download the software on your computer provided the software should be genuine. If you are using the 3rd party software, then this may affect or change the original file content. Another method to send hefty file type in one go is by using email quota size. You can enhance the quota size by getting into ‘Email settings’.


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