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How To Fix ‘Can’t Connect To Server’ Error In Bellsouth Email?

Bellsouth Email Settings

While there are countless advantages of using a premium email service like Bellsouth, but one should not forget that there will be occasions when the email will cease to work, and it is that time when the reality of the premium service will be put to test. One such issue that many Bellsouth Net Email Login users are facing is ‘unable to connect to server’.

Details of the problem

When tried to send an email, the server returns it with an error, i.e., ‘can’t connect to the server’. The server address is ‘’ using SSL on port 995. When you receive the same error, then you should verify first if the server supports SSL or not. After that, verify the account settings if those are correct or not. If you have been dealing with this issue for the past many days, but are not able to find a decent solution, then you will find all the help you need in this post, so just keep reading it till the end.

The solution to the problem:

The solution to this problem can be found in adding a new Bellsouth email account using IMAP settings. Bellsouth email doesn’t work properly with POP settings, hence the problem. If you haven’t tried configuring the email using IMAP settings, then you should try it, as this will definitely fix the problem.

Another problem that many Bellsouth email users have been dealing with is ‘Bellsouth Email Settings getting stuck’. Users have found the solution to this problem on several online platforms, but nothing significant has been found as of yet. Users have also found that the email when configured using SMTP settings are connected to the server, but they are receiving the same message. Here is the message that they saw, ‘There has been an SSL error and hence, it is unable to create a secure connection with the server’.

Many Bellsouth email users are not aware of the availability of different email servers that you can use to operate email service. Therefore, users need to find a list of all those email servers and then, use the most suitable server. Alternatively, users can just click ‘try later’, which will put the email in the ‘Outbox’ folder until the users decide to send it.

With this solution, you can restore the functioning of your Bellsouth Email Login, but in case, that doesn’t happen, then you should not worry, as you can find the solution by getting in touch with Bellsouth email support. Experts can definitely assist you with this problem in the most appropriate manner.

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