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How To Figure Out and Avoid Spam Emails In Your Bellsouth Email Account?

Emails play a pivotal role in sharing information from one part of the world to another. It is hard to imagine the communication without emails today, as emails have become an integral part of sending information from one place to another.

With every good thing comes a bad one as well. When emails were in the process to become a fast and reliable way of communication, some over-smart tech services tried to sneak into the platform and inject false and misleading information to make money off the receivers. This concept was later termed as ‘SPAM’. Now, people get hundreds of spam emails every day, but not all fall for those emails. Some lure into the spam emails and do what is written in such emails.

Spam emails nowadays come with links to phishing sites, and the whole purpose of sending such emails is to make people go to the phishing sites and enter their credit/debit card or bank related information.

Many people have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process, which on the majority of occasions were not recovered. When email service providers like Bellsouth came to know about this, they immediately decided to take some steps against this ‘spam emails’ issue.

The protection of users’ email accounts is of paramount importance for the companies, which is the reason that many email service providers joined hands with antivirus companies to provide a safe environment to users.

However, the measures taken by email service providers are not enough to make things right. It becomes the duty of email users to be aware of the spam emails. They must know how to identify spam emails because only then, it will be possible for them to stay protected against the viruses and other malicious elements that are attached within those spam emails.

  1. Bellsouth email now comes with a built-in antivirus protection, but that doesn’t mean that users don’t have an antivirus program installed on their systems. It is important that the antivirus program is capable of scanning files attached within emails. Moreover, it is important for users to update the antivirus on a regular basis to stay protected against the new virus, malware, and adware.
  2. Users need to check the sender’s email address because at times, they may receive emails, which seems as if the person from their contact list has sent, but in reality, it isn’t. Those emails are spam emails and therefore, must not be opened in any case.
  3. Check the subject line of the emails that you receive in your Bellsouth email. If the subject doesn’t look proper, then there is no need to pay heed to that email because it is most probably a spam. If you are seeing such subject lines, ‘You’ve won 10,00,00,000 USD’ or ‘Offer letter from Ford’ or anything like that, then those emails are nothing but spam.
  4. If there are links and images in the messages, then don’t ever click on those as those will take you to such websites where all your personal information will be stolen without your consent.
  5. If there is a file attached within the message, then you can download it, but don’t open the file without scanning it with your antivirus.
  6. If you receive an email by a person from whom you’ve received an email in the recent times, then you should check as to what is in the email before opening any link/image or downloading any file. You can also send a reply to that person to confirm whether if he/she has really sent that mail or not.

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