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How To Delete Discarded Mails Permanently From Bellsouth Account Instead Of Archiving Them On Devices Running Ios 11?

Bellsouth Email Account

Apple is the most renowned brand in the smartphone market. What makes this brand different from others is its smart working and intuitive user-interface. If you are using any iPhone model, then I would like to ask one question whether you have configured any email on it or not. If yes, then are you able to use it smoothly or not?

No issues whether you are using a free mail or paid one, the email apps for Apple iPhone are available easily on the app store. You can download it for every service provider whether it is Bellsouth, Roadrunner or SBC or any free service like Gmail and Yahoo.

Let’s start with the working of Bellsouth email on iPhone app, its app can be configured easily from the store and you can set up an account either under IMAP or POP type. If you are not sure whether an email is configured properly or not, you can contact service experts.

Now, right after configuring the mail on iPhone if you want to check whether the deleted mails are going into archive folder or into recycle bin, then try deleting the mails. If the default settings are being used, then you will find the emails start getting stored in the archive folder. This is favorable for most of the cases when you missed some important emails, however, even unimportant emails will also keep on saving in the same folder. In order to send them to the recycle bin, you need to follow some steps.

There’s a feature in the iOS 11 running iPhone with which you can send the deleted emails to recycle bin instead of sending to an archive folder. The steps to configure this feature are:

  1. Open phone settings from home screen by unlocking the phone.
  2. Go to the ‘Accounts and password’ option from the email screen.
  3. Click on the email account you want to edit.
  4. Select ‘Bellsouth email address’ from the list of email addresses.
  5. From here, go to the ‘Advanced’ option.
  6. Note down the steps to send the discarded mails to recycle bin.
  7. Now, go to the ‘Advanced’ option from discarded mails menu.
  8. Go to the ‘Archive messages’ option from the discarded mails menu. Here, you will find other options also like ‘Archive mails’, Spam and Trash messages.
  9. Turn the slide button to ‘Delete messages’ from ‘Archive message’.
  10. Now the settings for the incoming messages to the archive folder will be changed. All the mails will start getting into the ‘Recycle bin’ instead of getting into ‘Archive folder’. In case the previous settings are still working, you can contact experts.

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